Calling all women who are tired of the same old drama and problems....

Quick Question: Do you want to be a BADASS?
In other words, do you want to uplevel EVERY area of your life, feel confident, and finally go all in on achieving your goals?
What if you could have it all...

Connected Relationships

  • Find the man of your dreams?
  • Want to make your marriage better than ever before?
  • ​More passionate and intimate sex?
  • Want to stop being frustrated with your husband and kids?

Fit And Healthy Body

  • ​Start training for your marathon or break a personal best!
  • ​Want to have more energy?
  • Want to love your body and feel good in it?
  • ​Begin and maintain a healthier way of eating!

Money And Business

  • Want to build the business you've been dreaming about but feel you don't have any time for?
  • Want to stop doubting yourself and create unstoppable self-confidence?
  • ​Want to have your money work for you?
  • ​Want to generate and follow through on Million $ Ideas?

Fun And Fulfillment

  • Want to do more of what you love?
  • Want to have more meaningful experiences with the people you love?
  • ​Want to increase your resilience to life's challenges so that you can have more fun?
  • ​Want to get over the emotional rollercoaster and connect to your true self?
You might be thinking, that's great Rach, but I can't possibly have it all...

I used to think this too...until I found a set of tools that literally makes any and every dream possible.

This is me (see picture), doing something I thought was impossible.

I felt frustrated at myself because I could not seem to stick to a healthy eating style. 

I knew I wanted a life partner, but couldn't find healing from the end of a 6-year marriage. 

I wanted to be excited about my job.... but just couldn't shake the career funk.

I wanted to balance my time... but couldn't figure out why I kept procrastinating.

I thought I was broken. 

But the truth was... I just didn't know it was possible for me to feel excited about my life. 

I remember very clearly the moment it all changed. 

I looked at myself in the mirror and said: Rachel... this is not who we are anymore. Let's go create the life we were built for.

Working towards a career I loved became non-negotiable.

When my brain would fire off doubtful thoughts about my body, I started responding with compassion.

When dates went poorly, I started finding humor in it. 

I developed the Badassery Framework by overcoming these challenges. 

My body changed. My life expanded. I've helped hundreds of women transform their lives with these tools. 

I can help you too. 

"In just 2 calls, I notice shifting in my mindset, clarity, and potentials, and how I want to include these into my long-term vision. Rachel is observant, reads people extremely well, and her sincerity in wanting to serve others is the real deal." - Rinnie H.
I really enjoyed working with Rachel! She is an excellence coach who knows how to hold her clients accountable while nudging them forward. There were many times where i was surprised and delighted by her skillful expertise and intuition. If you're looking to go 'all in' on yourself and/or your business, Rachel is the coach for you! - Jodi H.
Join The Badass Academy to start your journey...

Monthly Group Calls

  • Connect with like-minded women
  • ​Be a part of a movement where we come together and help each other (it's not just about me teaching and speaking)
  • ​Collaborate and receive support for your goals
  • ​Unique opportunity to teach YOUR special sauce!

Access To Powerful Tools

  • Learn the most powerful tools and methods for improving every area of your life
  • ​The only thing stopping you from creating the results you want is knowing the right skills and tools - this is the place where you learn them!
  • Simple and powerful ongoing lessons

Personal Support

  • ​Business Strategy
  • Food Planning for Fitness
  • How-To-Resources for Time Management
  • ​... and so much more!
What people are saying...

Claire B.


When I started working with Rachel, I was staying small in my business and not taking action. In just 2 sessions, I started noticing changes in my confidence, self-compassion and the time it took me to complete my work tasks.

I would highly recommend her services for anyone who is ready to stop procrastinating and take action.


CEO of Virgo Magazine

As a direct result of our sessions, I feel more in power of my decisions, clearer on what I want to achieve and my next steps. 
I now know that “bad things can happen in life’ 

But so what? I can handle them. I launched my business after putting it off for 3 years. Thank you Rachel!

Narella F.

Stop Overdrinking Coach

Rachel is infectious. Her personality shines thru everything she does and one cannot help be drawn to her and to listen to everything she says. Her insight and her ability to see you clearly, makes working with her immediately valuable. 

She articulates herself in a very engaging and thoughtful way. She is a very effective and intuitive coach.
You get ALL of this for $97 a month!

And listen...if you don't get badass results, then I'll personally coach (like 1:1) you until you do.

Everything that you want is practically guaranteed. I know this sounds like a bold, to good to be true, kind of statement, but I want you to try this out. 

You seriously have nothing to lose. 

My Promise:
If you apply what I teach you and nothing improves in your life...then I'll give a full refund. You either start creating your dreams and become a badass or you get your money back.

$97 every month
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of goals can
The Badass Academy help me with?
Any goal that YOU desire to include in your Badass Life. We have classes on relationships, business, physical or mental health to help you work on any uplevel.

Whatever you want support with, we've got you covered.
How is The Badass Academy different from other coaching programs?
The Badass Academy is designed to streamline your results and focus on achieving your goals while having fun. There is mindset and strategy work, and a simple framework to help you stay in breakthrough and maintain momentum.

The hardest part of creating a badass life is not knowing the best way to move forward when we fail!
When you have our tools and routines that are built into all modules, you 10x your results with more ease and more clarity.
What exactly will I find inside The Badass Academy?
Ready to go, there are pre-recorded mini-courses in the Lesson Library to help you 
Communicate Clearly, Feel Better and Increase Self-Confidence.

What's more? Every month, fellow academy members have access to monthly Community Live Coaching individualized help, and monthly Ask Me Anything calls that are stored in the Library for lifetime access.

Lesson topics for the next month are always chosen by member request, (aka YOU!) so you can be sure you'll always have the exact resources you need to succeed.

The Badass Promise

If you apply everything I teach you and don't see badass results, then I'll give you your money back. Seriously, this stuff works.

Secure Payment

All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy... - All Rights Reserved - Terms Of Service
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